Who is Charlie?


Charlie is the youngest of our 5 children, a full of beans boy who pushes the boundaries of our patience and fills all the spaces in our hearts!

Charlie constantly challenges authority and seeks to finds out WHY, WHY NOT and CAN I??

As our 5 children have grown and developed their needs and wants have changed and this sometimes conflicts between the desirable and the practical.

To give advice and solutions on any issue you need to have knowledge and experience, this is where we come in, Childrens beds is our area of expertise. We know the different manufacturers, the products, their advantages and restrictions, and just like Charlie we love to express and share our opinions!

Children crave their own space as well as adventure along the way, where as parents want good value for money, durability and practical solutions to storage requirements. Charlie’s Bedroom addresses all these issues and like Charlie, tries to answer questions as well as constantly striving to find the best solutions.

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